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Foam Rolling

Self-myofascial release via a foam roller is a form of massage used by athletes, Physiotherapists and other movement and sports professionals. Myofascial release is a technique developed by Barnes (1997), that is used to improve range of motion and may be used as a warm-up, recovery, or maintenance strategy. A small number of recent studies suggest that foam rolling leads to short-term (2-10 minutes) increases of 5-12% in range of motion without concomitant deficits in strength (Mohr et al. 2014, Sullivan et al. 2013, MacDonald et al. 2013).

Mechanism of action

The physiological mechanism by which Self Myofascial Release enhances Range of Motion may be different than static stretching. The following are the proposed ways in which foam rolling may lead to gains in range of motion through local and central mechanism i.e. at the level of the muscle and central nervous system.

  • Friction raises the temperature of the fascia which may help soft tissue extensibility
  • Thixotropic property of fascia. This theory describes that when undisturbed, fascia. takes on a more solid form, which can restrict movement. If heat from rolling friction, mechanical stress, massage or pressure is applied to the fascia, it can become more pliable.
  • Mechanoreceptor activation and H Reflex inhibition in the spinal cord.
  • Pain inhibition through re-organisation of the sensory map in the brain



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Albert Kehoe




I am passionate about human performance, and know that exercise and structured training is a keystone habit towards success in life. I bring that passion into my coaching and physiotherapy practice to give my best to everyone I work with. I am lucky to be married to the amazing Maria, possibly the most patient woman on the planet!

Albert is the Head Physiotherapist at PhysioKinetics, and Head Coach at Crossfit 536. He specialises in working with individuals at all levels of athletic development helping them to reach their potential. His expertise is in functional sports rehabilitation and in optimising human performance and mobility. He provides functional assessments and an individualised progressive approach for injury prevention, treatment of injuries and rehabilitation, and progressive strength training to help you achieve your best.

He graduated from University of Limerick with a BSc. Physiotherapy (1st Class Hons). He holds many post graduate certifications and is committed to continuing professional development. For five years he was the Head Physiotherapist to Blackrock RFC and has been an invited speaker at the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and IRFU sports medical conferences.

He has delivered mobility workshops in CrossFit gyms in Ireland and the UK.

Dr. Maria Kehoe


Dr. Maria Kehoe is our resident blogger and award winning, Chartered Physiotherapist (PhD. BSc. Physiotherapy, MISCP). She obtained a Doctorate in Physiotherapy and Exercise in Multiple Sclerosis from the University of Limerick in 2011. She specialises in exercise prescription for special populations for example people with neurological and other chronic conditions. She will occasionally update our blog, bridging the latest scientific evidence in health and performance with practical application.

She has worked with recreational and professional athletes, people with neurological conditions and older people and their families since 2007. She previously worked as Lecturer (2011-2014) and Course Director of the BSc. Physiotherapy programme at the University of Limerick (2012-2014). She currently enjoys working in Primary Care. Her current role includes working with people with complex chronic conditions and women in the year of pregnancy, evaluating access and quality of care and, student education.

She has presented at many national and international scientific conferences including the World Congress of NeuroRehabilitation, the World Congress of Physical Therapy and the European Congress of Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis. She has a number of leading publications in high impact international journals.

Maria enjoys cycling, swimming, CrossFit, walking Dexter, being Albert’s wife and spending time with family and friends.

Selected Publications

Griffin, N. and Kehoe, M (2015) “The feasibility and acceptability of smartphone use for healthcare purposes in people with multiple sclerosis” (In preparation)

Browne, C. Salmon, N. Kehoe, M (2015) “The Impact of bladder dysfunction in people with multiple sclerosis” (In Press: Disability and Rehabilitation)

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Garrett, M., Hogan, N., Saunders, J., Jakeman, P. and Coote, S. (2013) “Exercise in the community for people with multiple sclerosis – a follow-up of people with minimal gait impairment”, Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 19, 790-798.

Coote, S., Garrett, M. Hogan, N., Larkin, A., Saunders, J. (2009) “Getting the Balance Right: A randomised controlled trial of physiotherapy and exercise interventions for ambulatory people with multiple sclerosis” BMC Neurology, 9, 34.

Garrett. M. and Coote, S. (2009) “Multiple sclerosis and exercise in people with minimal gait impairment – a review”, Physical Therapy Reviews, 14 (3), 169 – 180.

Nigel Osborne


A Passion for sport and coaching.  Nigel has set up and run several businesses with sports coaching and active lifestyles as a core value .He is delighted to be part of the Crossfit536 team and having trained in the gym is a great believer in the value that it brings .His passion for sport can be seen in some of the business he has started and developed. which is a business that provides rugby coaching as well as french language tuition for the last 16 years ,here the coaching of rugby skills is aimed at boys aged 11-18 . a UK business set up with Roger Uttley OBE, with the aim of providing outdoor pursuits, sports coaching and travel opportunities for young boys and girls .Utltley is a former English and British and Irish lions international rugby coach and player and a record breaking rower and cyclist as he approaches his mid sixties , Osborne despite best efforts is still in his slipstream but making progress . the catch phrase for the business is “inspiring the next generation ” and they have some of the UKs leading schools as regular clients .

Nigel is an IRFU accredited head coach and has worked at the following levels in recent years

  • Seapoint Rfc Head Coach in the All Ireland league 2008-2013
  • Stade Francais Paris in the top 14 as a consultant coach
  • CBC Monkstown Senior cup team at various stages since 2007

Darren Nicol

(MISCP) Physiotherapist 

Darren Nicol (MISCP) graduated from Trinity College Dublin, receiving a first class honours degree in 2017. During the degree, he developed an interest in pursuing the field of sports and musculo-skeletal physiotherapy while on placement in both clinical sites and the Sport Science Institute of South Africa.  

He is a passionate athlete, representing Cricket Ireland from u13 to u19 level and actively participating in a variety of other sports. The first-hand experience of elite sport has given him a key insight into transferring the science and academics of sports medicine into the reality of athletic performance.  

In order to further this knowledge, Darren was chosen to take on an internship with the physiotherapy management team at Leinster Rugby for the 2017/18 season. The training and experience received during this period has helped to further his understanding of restoring and promoting movement efficiency to a world class standard.  

Darren aspires to bring cutting-edge standards from the professional sporting environment to improve the lives of people from all backgrounds and interests, helping them to be pain-free and to perform at their peak potential.

Lauren McCormack

CrossFit 536 Women’s Programme

I started CrossFit back In 2012. My brother had introduced me to it and I knew pretty much straight away that it was something I would enjoy.

I had been a member of a gym for years before and never really achieved any results or noticed any changes.

Within 6 months of joining CrossFit I had more energy, I started to develop definition in different areas and most importantly I really enjoyed going to the classes…..

Soon after this I decided to start an apprenticeship, I was spending so much time in the gym anyway and I wanted to learn more and see where it might lead. I started shadowing other coaches in class trying to learn as much as I could from them. I then did my level 1 over in London in 2013.

From that point I became very involved in the CrossFit Women’s programme. This programme is a slightly different take on the main stream classes focused specifically for females but equally as challenging. I get so much enjoyment out of the women’s programme – designing their workouts, setting challenges and helping them achieve results. The group is of all ages and backgrounds and they are definitely up for all the challenges- big and small. If I can help someone to move better, stand a little straighter or even just feel better in themselves then that’s an achievement for me.

I kind of fell upon my road into CrossFit… I didn’t do a lot of sports in school and I didn’t know this was where I was headed when I was in college. I’ve really found what I love to do and 3 years on I still enjoy coming to CrossFit for work and for a workout.

My future goals in CrossFit would mainly be to keep developing my skills and knowledge. Including aspects of CrossFit for kids, gymnastics and nutrition.

Cillian O’Connor

Strength and Conditioning Coach

I was never naturally talented when it came to sport or fitness. This forced me to learn the scientific principles of training in order to maximise my results. My studies have led me to attain a BSc in Health and Performance Science from UCD, and I am currently a Masters student in Strength and Conditioning at St Mary’s University. I have developed a good base in athletic movement from having played a wide variety of sports, including: rugby, CrossFit, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and weightlifting. Currently, I train for powerlifting.

I am an accredited strength and conditioning coach through the NSCA and I have coached athletes ranging from school boys rugby players to international level rowers and soccer players. I am extremely passionate about applying the science of training in a practical way to assist our members in reaching their health and fitness goals. Training should be for everyone, regardless of their starting ability or individual goals, and we emphasise this in CrossFit536 by creating a welcoming environment for everyone who trains with us.