Cillian O’Connor

Strength and Conditioning Coach

I was never naturally talented when it came to sport or fitness. This forced me to learn the scientific principles of training in order to maximise my results. My studies have led me to attain a BSc in Health and Performance Science from UCD, and I am currently a Masters student in Strength and Conditioning at St Mary’s University. I have developed a good base in athletic movement from having played a wide variety of sports, including: rugby, CrossFit, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and weightlifting. Currently, I train for powerlifting.

I am an accredited strength and conditioning coach through the NSCA and I have coached athletes ranging from school boys rugby players to international level rowers and soccer players. I am extremely passionate about applying the science of training in a practical way to assist our members in reaching their health and fitness goals. Training should be for everyone, regardless of their starting ability or individual goals, and we emphasise this in CrossFit536 by creating a welcoming environment for everyone who trains with us.