Dr. Maria Kehoe


Dr. Maria Kehoe is our resident blogger and award winning, Chartered Physiotherapist (PhD. BSc. Physiotherapy, MISCP). She obtained a Doctorate in Physiotherapy and Exercise in Multiple Sclerosis from the University of Limerick in 2011. She specialises in exercise prescription for special populations for example people with neurological and other chronic conditions. She will occasionally update our blog, bridging the latest scientific evidence in health and performance with practical application.

She has worked with recreational and professional athletes, people with neurological conditions and older people and their families since 2007. She previously worked as Lecturer (2011-2014) and Course Director of the BSc. Physiotherapy programme at the University of Limerick (2012-2014). She currently enjoys working in Primary Care. Her current role includes working with people with complex chronic conditions and women in the year of pregnancy, evaluating access and quality of care and, student education.

She has presented at many national and international scientific conferences including the World Congress of NeuroRehabilitation, the World Congress of Physical Therapy and the European Congress of Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis. She has a number of leading publications in high impact international journals.

Maria enjoys cycling, swimming, CrossFit, walking Dexter, being Albert’s wife and spending time with family and friends.

Selected Publications

Griffin, N. and Kehoe, M (2015) “The feasibility and acceptability of smartphone use for healthcare purposes in people with multiple sclerosis” (In preparation)

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