Get started with a free assessment

Here at Pinnacle Movement – Crossfit 536 we want you to come down to the gym to see our facility, meet our coaches and to try out what we do, prior to any commitments. This was you get to experience what we do first hand and get a real feel for the place. As part of this introductory session we offer a free full movement assessment. This introductory session runs as follows;

  • One on one meeting with one of our coaches where you will receive basic Information regarding the facility, start-up process, programmes available and outline of our training structure.
  • This also gives you the opportunity to discuss your goals, exercise experience and any injury history you may have.
  • Mobility and flexibility screening
  • Muscular strength and fitness asessment
  • Cardiovascular fitness assessment

If you are interested in booking a free movement assessment or if you just want to come down to discuss what we do here and see if we are a good fit for you, please call 085 806 5819 or fill in the form below.