Lauren McCormack

CrossFit 536 Women’s Programme

I started CrossFit back In 2012. My brother had introduced me to it and I knew pretty much straight away that it was something I would enjoy.

I had been a member of a gym for years before and never really achieved any results or noticed any changes.

Within 6 months of joining CrossFit I had more energy, I started to develop definition in different areas and most importantly I really enjoyed going to the classes…..

Soon after this I decided to start an apprenticeship, I was spending so much time in the gym anyway and I wanted to learn more and see where it might lead. I started shadowing other coaches in class trying to learn as much as I could from them. I then did my level 1 over in London in 2013.

From that point I became very involved in the CrossFit Women’s programme. This programme is a slightly different take on the main stream classes focused specifically for females but equally as challenging. I get so much enjoyment out of the women’s programme – designing their workouts, setting challenges and helping them achieve results. The group is of all ages and backgrounds and they are definitely up for all the challenges- big and small. If I can help someone to move better, stand a little straighter or even just feel better in themselves then that’s an achievement for me.

I kind of fell upon my road into CrossFit… I didn’t do a lot of sports in school and I didn’t know this was where I was headed when I was in college. I’ve really found what I love to do and 3 years on I still enjoy coming to CrossFit for work and for a workout.

My future goals in CrossFit would mainly be to keep developing my skills and knowledge. Including aspects of CrossFit for kids, gymnastics and nutrition.