Masters Strength & Conditioning Program

A program that provides tailored individualised workouts aimed at improving your overall strength, mobility and fitness.

  • Everything is tailored to your specific current physical condition so everyone can work within their own range of ability, in an enjoyable group setting.
  • The program is designed and overseen by a Chartered Physiotherapist, and we have an excellent team of coaches on hand, that will encourage and support you to reach your own individual fitness goals.
  • Not only will you be transformed physically, but you will also see improvements in your mental well-being, and overall health & fitness.
  • Life will become easier and more enjoyable, with more energy to enjoy life.
  • You will become less susceptible to injury & illness, by increasing your strength, and improving your cardiovascular capacity.
  • If you are looking to improve your performance in sports such as golf and tennis. You will notice a massive improvement in your strength, mobility and stamina from following our tailored exercise program.Hear from one of our current members;

    “My experience at the crossfit 536 facility in Blackrock has been excellent. This is a health and wellness facility with a difference. The personal attention of the onsite Physiotherapist Albert Kehoe and his team’s depth of knowledge on fitness and movement means they are ideally placed to provide an invaluable service to the local area and its residents. Functional movement and supervised smart exercise programming is of huge importance in preventing sickness, disease, promoting good habits and ensuring that we all can experience the best quality of life possible. I would strongly recommend this facility and its staff to all.”

                                      Prof. Freddie Wood, President of medical council of Ireland

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