Niall treston – ex-professional rugby player, accountant and MBA graduate

My name is Niall Treston and by way of background I am a qualified accountant and MBA graduate working as an investment manager in a global financial institution.

I previously played professional rugby with Leinster for 5 years prior to injury ending my career prematurely.

I have been attending Crossfit563 for over two years and I find it an extremely professional, well run gym and comparable in quality to anything that I’ve experienced in my previous professional sporting career. The sense of community that is generated by both coaches and members is unique in my view and a key attraction. Being able to attend such a well-run class either before or after work adds considerably to my health and general well-being in what is a hectic work week and there is nothing that comes remotely close to this offering in the area. Therefore I would view it essential that this facility is maintained in its current location for all current and potential new members”