Meet our coaches

You are not alone in your Crossfit experience.
Our team of experts bring their passion for health and fitness to help you reach success in your own particular journey.

Albert and nigel lead our gym by example. Our ethos is to help each individual member of our coaching facility to achieve their own personal goals, and to empower them on the road to success in realising their health and fitness goals.

Albert Kehoe

Albert is the Head Chartered Physiotherapist and Owner of Physiokinetics. He qualified with a BSc. (1st class Hons.) in Physiotherapy from the University of Limerick in 2007. His expertise is in functional sports rehabilitation and exercise prescription, providing an individualised progressive approach for the treatment of injuries and rehabilitation. He is also the co-owner, director and Head Coach of Pinnacle Movement – Crossfit 536 where he works day-to-day with high level recreational athletes, helping them to reach their own potential.

Nigel osborne

A background in playing and coaching rugby, crossfit shares many of the same values. I love the camaraderie of our club, it is a happy place for so many people .The group workouts are an unbeatable buzz and really efficient in helping staying fit and well. I am convinced of the value of our always evolving exercise methodology and the real importance of community in keeping well. It is a huge buzz to see our members of all differents ages and backgrounds transform and a real privilege to able to work with them to achieve their goals.

"Harnessing the natural camaraderie, competition and fun of sport or game yields an intensity that cannot be matched by other means."

The Crossfit536 team

Our gym is made possible by a team of dedicated, knowledgable and enthusiastic coaches.

Helping you focus on the right program to meet your particular goals. We work with you to ensure you are on track.

Josh Percival
Coach, Sports Scientist & Nutritionist
Sadbh Brennan
Medical Doctor
James Reynolds
Cian O'Gorman
Chartered Physiotherapist
Darren Nicol
Chartered Physiotherapist
Shane O'Hanrahan
Chartered Physiotherapist