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Crossfit536 - Over 10 years dedicated to health, fitness and well-being.

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Programs to meet your needs

Build your physical and mental health through our Crossfit Strength & Conditioning program. Shaped around constantly varied high-intensity functional movements. Combining cardiovascular, weightlifting, and gymnastics activities.

be part of a community


Crossfit536 is not just a gym - we are a facility where coaches and individuals work together to create a fun inclusive environment where everyone can achieve their goals whatever their level.

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Personalised training


A program that provides tailored individualised workouts aimed at improving your overall strength, mobility and fitness.

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Set goals and push your limits


The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind. With our Expert team design a program that helps you meet your own personal goals.

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Back pain affected my personal life, how i played with my kids. After training with Albert I have regained control over my upper body movement. It has had positive effect on how I feel.
- Marius Claudy
Crossfit S&C
I have found new movement in my shoulders and posture has impoved. The pain in shoulders and neck is all gone now. Albert works us had but overall it has been a fantastic experience and I'd highly recommend it
- Maurice Collins
Masters S&C
The coaches are amazing! All of them. They follow you on your progression. They help you to perform better, to progress. I love the place, it's my second home.
- Gonzalo Silva Vera

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Benefits of training with us

We focus on outcomes at Crossfit536.

Gym Membership
€175 per month

Full-time Students
€120 per month

Weight loss

Our short duration high-intensity worksouts provide long-lasting boots to your body's metabolism and fat-burning abilities.


Build muscle

Based on high-intensity interval training, our workout provide the perfect conditions for lean muscle gains.


Strength & flexibility

Push your strength and flexibility gains to new levels through our combination of functional movement patterns, agility and cross training.


Pain relief

Strength training with Crossfit can strengthen your core, improve mobility, joint health and even alleviate lower back pain.