Trainging programs to meet your needs

Working with our expert team we can help you find and execute a training plan to meet your needs,
no matter what your goals are.

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Crossfit S&C


The methodology of our Crossfit Strength & Conditioning programme is built around constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity, and combines cardiovascular activities, weightlifting, and gymnastics in as many ways as possible.

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Women's program

At Crossfit 536 we use the proven Crossfit methodology to a woman’s advantage. The program is specifically designed for women’s fitness needs and goals. Sculpt lean muscle and burn unwanted fat in a friendly non-threatening environment. The women’s fitness classes are challenging, intense and varied to ensure the best possible results

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Seniors S&C


Improve your day-to-day life with increased mobility, stamina and general health, or boost your tennis and golf game with a program that provides tailored individualised workouts aimed improving your lifestyle.

Everything is tailored to your specific current physical condition so everyone can work within their own range of ability, in an enjoyable group setting.

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Personal training


A program that provides tailored individualised workouts aimed at improving your overall strength, mobility and fitness.
Under the guidance of our experienced and knowledgeable trainers you will set personalised goals, and receive the encouragement and motivation to attain them.

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Sports injury program


With a Chartered Phyiotherapist as Head Coach, we are in a unique position to offer programs informed by the leading edge of injury rehabilitation.

We work with you to treat acute and chronic injuries, from a sprained ankle to long-term back pain. Focusing on mobility, flexibility and core strength we can get you on the road to a pain-free life.

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Physiokinetics is our onsite Physiotherapy clinic Here at Pinnacle Movement – Crossfit 536.

The Physiotherapy clinic is headed up by Albert Kehoe, Co-Owner and Director of Pinnacle Movement – Crossfit 536. The Clinic specialises in the Treatment of sports injuries, and general injuries experienced by those of all ages. you can also check out our dedicated back health program at

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